Ways to Give


在校友的帮助下, 父母和朋友, 通过直接的年度和资本捐赠或计划捐赠, Westminster will be able to secure its firm financial footing for the future and be able to preserve the special qualities that have distinguished the school and its students for more than a century — qualities that have made such a profound and enduring difference in so many lives. Westminster does not seek to become something different, but rather a stronger version of itself. 这是一个很大的目标. 这是一个值得追求的目标. 它值得你的帮助.

Ways to Give


  • Online

    皇冠有钱手机app接受信用卡(Visa), Mastercard, American Express and Discover) and digital wallets including ApplePay, Venmo, and PayPal.
    Complete your gift online via the safe and secure online form here, or call Lindsey Clegg in 威斯敏斯特基金 office at (860) 408-3028.
  • Mail

    Simsbury, CT 06070-9986
  • 股票转让

    有关所有转帐事宜,请致电或发邮件给Lindsey Clegg
    (860) 408-3028


    威斯敏斯特的DTC: 8862

    Please call or email Lindsey with the name of the donor and the name and number of shares that are being sent so that we may sell the shares and thank the donor.
  • 电汇

    Many donors, 尤其是国际家庭, have found that the easiest way to make a gift to 威斯敏斯特基金 is by completing a wire transfer to 皇冠有钱手机app. Please follow the instructions below and contact Lindsey Clegg if you have questions.

    账户名称:皇冠有钱手机app, Inc .受托人.
  • 捐助国向基金

    Support Westminster by recommending a grant from your donor-advised fund. For more information, and a direct link to give from a Fidelity, Schwab, or BNY Mellon DAF, click here
  • 反复出现的礼物

    通过承诺一个经常性的礼物, 你为威斯敏斯特提供了稳定的, reliable funding for students and faculty through a monthly gift to the school.
    It’s easy to enroll with a credit card using the safe and secure online form
    How it works
    • 你决定你的捐赠金额.
    • Westminster will charge the gift to your credit card every month.
    • 你的礼物每年都会自动更新.
    • 您的在线捐赠是安全的,灵活的,而且, 当你的礼物是活跃的, you will receive fewer requests for your support throughout the year.
    如果您目前正在注册, 这种送礼方式已经不能满足你的需求了, 联系Lindsey Clegg,电话:(860)408-3028或
  • Matching Gifts

    Click here to learn more about matching gifts and to see if your or your spouse's company has a gift matching program.
  • 计划给

    每天的校友, parents and others choose to make the ultimate gift to Westminster through a bequest, gift annuity, 或其他计划给予的选择. 了解更多关于计划捐赠的信息
    or contact Jennifer Keyo, Director of Legacy and Leadership Giving at or (860) 408-3039.
  • 来自IRA的直接礼物

    你有个人退休帐户吗? 你是70岁半还是更老? Are you interested in a more tax efficient way (than cash) to support 皇冠有钱手机app?

    If yes, ask your IRA administrator to send a gift directly from your IRA to 皇冠有钱手机app. The withdrawal is tax-free and if you have a Required Minimum Distribution or RMD, 这种类型的礼物可以算进你的RMD. You may direct your gift to the program or area of your choice and have an immediate impact on 皇冠有钱手机app.

    This type of gift is called a Qualified Charitable Distribution or QCD (sometimes called an “IRA Charitable Rollover”). 

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P. (860) 408-3000
F. (860) 408 3001
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